LUCENT is open to residents from Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Medicine-Pediatrics, and Family Medicine. All residents will participate in the monthly seminars and lead clinical practice innovation projects over two years.

Applications are due by 02/15/2022.

To apply for the LUCENT Program, please complete the application linked below: 

To complete this application you will need to:

1. Attach a current CV.

2. Attach a Personal Statement that addresses the following questions (2 page max):

  • Describe yourself and your background.
  • Describe your interest in urban primary care transformation and leadership. How will the LUCENT Program help you reach your short and long-term career goals?
  • Select one aspect of your current primary care clinic that you would like to transform. Describe how you may lead this transformation during your time in the LUCENT Program.

3. Submit the name of your Letter of Recommendation writer to confirm that they will submit their letter of recommendation by 2/15/22 to

  • Provide a letter from your clinic preceptor or residency director, which indicates you have their support to participate in the program and complete a project in your clinic.